49 Years of Signs in Napa

Napa Sign Shop is locally owned by Denise Hermann-Cocke. She, along with her husband Tom and a very artistic and talented staff, work together on projects across the valley.

Rod Kirkland opened the doors to Napa Sign Shop on April 1, 1967. Being one of the few sign painters in the area, Rod has created hundreds of signs up and down the Napa Valley. Rod's skill and devotion produced some of the valley's most beautiful sign work. Over his 30+ years working and owning Napa Sign Shop, Rod became a mentor to Denise, who went into a partnership with him in 1996.

After being partners for about 6 years, Rod decided to retire, leaving Denise to become the current owner of Napa Sign Shop. With the technology and industry constantly changing, Denise has been able to keep up with the change and continue to produce quality sign work for the Napa Valley, staying true to the great reputation that Rod built over the past 52 years.